Lecture of the Week

This weeks Lecture is by Rabbi Zaidenberg

Thank you Rabbi Zaidenberg for your help in making our first podcast





​Every month we happily honor those who take their time to perform mitzvahs and give back to our community.


Helping Jews, a lesson at a time.

We’re committed to providing you with great Torah lessons as well as helping the Jewish Community. We will provide great Jewish news as well as provide great Jewish lectures. We hope to also host events as well as tell the Jewish community about other Jewish events.

We are constantly updating our website with new lessons. If you have any new information please feel free to email me at Benwolland613@gmail.com. 

Every month i would like to honor a person for their devotion to teaching. Every other week ( 2 weeks) I would like to give mention to a mitzvah of the month. 

The website will have no changes made during the Sabbath. 

Here in South Florida we have a very active Jewish community. . We try to keep out calander up to date with all the great Jewish Events the community has to offer.

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Mitzvah Miami
We are happy to offer Podcasts and lectures about the Parsha.

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